No Borders Group Dance Challenge


No Borders Group Dance Challenge is under the umbrella of the Surrey Festival of Dance Society.  It is open to any performing dance group that has been awarded a First Place position in their respective local dance festivals.  The Challenge is a distinctive ‘Day of Dance’ celebrating the best Groups have to offer.

NBGDC 2015 Entry form fees 2015


-Studios may enter more than one dance group providing they also meet criteria as stated above.
-There is only one winner for each division and category (Jr. Ballet, Jr. Jazz, Jr. Stage, International, Int. Ballet, Int. Jazz, Int. Stage, Sr. Ballet, Sr. Jazz and Sr. Stage).  Winning Group of each division receives $500.
-Each winning group is invited to the Grand Championships.  They will compete again in order to qualify for Grand Champion First, Second, and Third Place wins.
-Confirmation and time of participation is received upon verification of group.


-Verification of a first-place win from a festival other than the Surrey Festival of Dance is required.
-Entry fee:  $150.00.
-Groups must be between the ages of 10 to 20 years (average age).
-Behavior and backstage etiquette must apply at all times.


 A total of $6750.00 in scholarships are awarded at each annual challenge.


-Ballet: includes Classical Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Contemporary Ballet, Demi-Character, and Interpretive
-Jazz: includes Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and Street Dance
-Stage: includes Tap, Stage, Song & Dance and Acro-Dance
-International Dance: includes Folk, Contemporary International and Traditional


Age is determined by the average age of the group.

-Junior: 10 – 12 Years
-Intermediate: 13 – 15 Years
-Senior: 16 – 20 Year


-A panel of a minimum of five adjudicators oversees the competition.
-Winners are determined by averaging of marks given.  All decisions are final.
-Results and marks are the Property of No Borders Groups Dance Challenge and The Surrey Festival of Dance Society.


-All Groups must record only one song on properly labeled CD. Proper label: Competitors’ number, and dance title, Start on/off. (ie:  #3 This old House, Start On)
-Please bring a back-up CD.
-No IPODS or equivalent allowed.
-All groups must turn music in and report to backstage personnel 15 minutes prior to performance.



This also applies to the Grand Championships.


How does a group qualify to participate in the No Borders Group Dance Challenge?

To qualify, a Group must have won a First Place position in a dance festival or have received a scholarship from the Surrey Festival of Dance for the No Borders Group Dance Challenge.

Groups entering from other festivals, and not from the Surrey Festival of Dance, will need to verify their win from their Perspective festivals.

What is the Entry Cost?

$150.00 per group per entry

Is there a cost to view the performances?

To view performance, No Borders Group Dance Challenge divides the day into three sections:

  • Morning -$5.00 everyone
  • Afternoon $5.00 everyone
  • Evening $2.00 everyone EXCEPT if you have a ticket from either morning or afternoon session then you are admitted free.
Can performers watch from theatre seat before or after they have competed with their group?

No.  Every seat holder must have the appropriate valid session ticket.

Can a studio enter more than one group in the same class division and discipline?

Yes.  A studio can have multiple entries in the same class division and discipline provided they meet the criteria previously mentioned  (space allowed).

How are groups scheduled to perform?

Upon verification of group entry submitted, age division, dance discipline, and a time is assigned to it.  It is then sent to the studio with confirmation.

What are the age divisions?

Age divisions are based on the average age of the entire group – Junior, Intermediate, and Senior. DIVISIONS: Junior 10 – 12 Years; Intermediate   13 – 15 Years; Senior 16 – 20 Years

What is the time limit for groups?

All groups are timed at five (5) minutes with the exception of International Dance, which is set at eight (8) minutes.

How is scores determined?

Scores are adjudicated numerically in five different areas and are tabulated individually by each adjudicator.  Scores are entered into the computer and then averaged.  The highest average score wins.   All tabulations and scores become the property of No Borders Group Dance Challenge.

What happens in case of a tie?

Although extremely rare, there is a tiebreaker entry on each adjudication form to determine the overall winner.

How many winners are there in each division?

There is only One group winner for each division and dance discipline.

How many division winners are there?

In total there are 10.

How is the overall Grand Champion Selected?

After dance disciplines and division winners have been awarded, all dancers are invited back to perform once again for the overall title.

There is First ($1000), Second ($500), and Third ($250) place group winner, each receiving a cheque and placement ribbons.

Grand Champion also receives the Grand Champion No Borders Group Dance Challenge Trophy.

We are tentatively planning on hosting the popular No Border Group Dance Challenge on May 14th at the Surrey Arts Centre

 Of course, due to COVID, we must inform everyone that the location and dates (perhaps the event itself) are subject to change or cancellation.  We remain hopeful that we will be able to produce this event in person but are making contingency plans to go virtual…just in case.  And after our virtual success last year – we are prepared for any eventuality.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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The studio/teacher acknowledges and agrees that they have parent/guardian authorization for this application and its contents. In registering and signing this form, applicant(s) acknowledge and agree that they are giving their consent that photographs taken of participants/students/dancers may be used by the Society for promotional, and fundraising purposes may be released to the media, and remain the property of the Society.


2018 Highlights & Winners

1st: 2018 Grand Champions | Style and Grace Varsity | Praise TEAM

2nd: 2018 | Pair Bonds | Caulfield School of Dance

3rd: 2018 | Something Rotten | Peggy Peat School of Dance


JUNIOR BALLET | Stucky Sound | Poirier Productions

JUNIOR JAZZ | Cookies N Cream | Praise T.E.A.M.

JUNIOR STAGE | We Speak No Americana | Caulfield School of Dance

INTERNATIONAL |Danse Chinoise | Vancouver Academy Of Dance

INTERMEDIATE BALLET | Pair Bonds | Caulfield School Of Dance

INTERMEDIATE JAZZ | Frail Love | Project Dance

INTERMEDIATE STAGE | Something Rotten | Peggy Peat School Of Dance

SENIOR BALLET | Tuesday’s Letter | Poirier Productions

SENIOR JAZZ | Style & Grace Varsity |  Praise T.E.A.M.

SENIOR STAGE | Upswingin’  Vancouver Tap Dance Society

2017 Winners

Junior Ballet |Hooked On Classics | Fraser Valley Academy of Dance

Junior Jazz | A Little Party Never Killed Nobody | Artistic Edge Dance Academy

Junior Stage | Edgar Allan Poe  Spotlight Dance Centre

International | Joy Of Spring |  Vancouver Academy of Dance

Intermediate Ballet | My Prelude | Danzmode Productions

Intermediate Jazz | S & G Varsity | Praise T.E.A.M.

Intermediate Stage | Idlewild Blues | Caulfield School of Dance

Senior Ballet | Consecution | Flora Pigeau Dance Academy

Senior Jazz | Praise Teens | Praise T.E.A.M.

Senior Stage | A1 | Peggy Peat School of Dance

3rd Place | My Prelude | Danzmode Productions

2nd Place | Danzmode ProductionsJoy of Spring | Vancouver Academy of Dance

Grand Champion | Al | Peggy Peat School of Dance

2016 Participants

Here is a list of all the performing groups.  We thank and congratulate all who took part in this energy-charged dance competition.


  1. Symphonie Fantastique Pro Arte Performing Arts
  2. The Nightmare Studio West Dance
  3. Danza Espanola Debbie Lee Dance Company
  4. Ballet Hispanico Ballet Bloch Canada
  5. Fade To Grey Danzmode Productions
  6. Kitten Pig Flora Pigeau Dance Academy
  7. Mozart Flute Concerto R.N.B. Dance and Theatre Arts
  8. Fragmentation The danceLAB
  9. La Nuit Blanche Debbie Lee Dance Company
  10. Entrapment Pro Arte Performing Arts


  1. Imma Be The danceLAB
  2. Yellow Light Pro Arte Performing Arts
  3. Paso Studio West Dance
  4. More Like Love Encore Dance Academy
  5. Love Is Love Affinity Dance
  6. V.C. Vitality Dance Company
  7. CNC Praise T.E.A.M.
  8. Miss You The DanceLAB 
  9. Clap Snap Encore Dance Academy
  10. Fly Away Studio West Dance   

JUNIOR STAGE                                                                     

  1. Matador Peggy Peat School Of Dance  
  2. Voodoo Project Dance
  3. Hooks Revenge Studio West Dance
  4. Protectors Of The Earth Artistic Edge Dance Academy
  5. Bandstand Boogie Peggy Peat School of Dance
  6. Two By Two The DanceForce Studios
  7. Willamania Project Dance
  8. The Country Song Dance Effect
  9. Finding Neverland Peggy Peat School of Dance


  1. Little Zhuoma Colours Of Dance Academy
  2. Soul Of The Forest Cindy Yang Dance
  3. Garba Dandiya Bollywood Hungama
  4. On The Qin River Colours of Dance Academy
  5. Dancing In The Rain Motion Artistry
  6. Chinese Surnames Colours Of Dance Academy

  INTERMEDIATE BALLET                                                                   

  1. I’ve Got Rhythm Pro Arte Performing Arts
  2. La Schottische Ballet Bloch
  3. The Chase Caulfield School of Dance
  4. Stroll Through An Asian Garden Pro Arte Performing Arts
  5. Trailed Encore Dance Academy
  6. Vivaldi Concerto Flora Pigeau Dance Academy
  7. Cell Pro Arte Performing Arts
  8. Rite Pulse Dance Centre
  9. Wild Rose Ballet Bloch Canada
  10. Tarana Pro Arte Performing Arts
  11. Cassia Spotlight Dance Centre
  12. Twice Affinity Dance
  13. Mission Pro Arte Performing Arts


  1. No Wow Danzmode Productions
  2. Like A River Runs Encore Dance Academy
  3. Raised By Wolves Studio One Dance Center
  4. I Will Always Love You Pulse Dance Centre
  5. All Coming Back To Me Dance Effect
  6. Loose Wires Affinity Dance
  7. Resolve Dance Co.                         
  8. Friction Danzmode Productions
  9. Shake Somethin’ Studio One Dance Center
  10. Cyborg The DanceForce Studios
  11. Get Ur Ballet One Encore Dance Academy
  12. Home Run Pulse Dance Centre
  13. New Drop Style Dance Effect

 INTERMEDIATE STAGE                                                         

  1. Doll House The DanceForce Studios
  2. Dirty Laundry Spotlight Dance Centre
  3. Doctor Jazz Studio One Dance Center
  4. Bangkok Danzmode Productions
  5. Matilda Affinity Dance  
  6. Giggity Peggy Peat School of Dance
  7. Why? Richmond Academy of Dance
  8. Spellblock Tango The DanceForce Studios
  9. Summertime Vancouver Tap Dance Society
  10. Kings Of New York Vitality Dance Company

SENIOR BALLET                                                             

  1. Concerto de Six Pacific Dancearts
  2. Apollo 17 Danzmode Productions
  3. Pretend Encore Dance Academy
  4. Le Coeur Du Jardin Flora Pigeau Dance Academy
  5. Bella Bella Spotlight Dance Centre
  6. A Game Pacific Dancearts
  7. Reminiscence Danzmode Productions                  


  1. Carry My Heart Encore Dance Academy
  2. Crystalfilm Dance Co.
  3. Let It Go Danzmode Productions
  4. Feet For Hands Encore Dance Academy

SENIOR STAGE                                                               

  1. Strings Richmond Academy of Dance
  2. A Chorus Cat Danzmode Productions
  3. All That Jazz Caulfield School of Dance
  4. Belly Up To The Bar Peggy Peat School of Dance
2016 Meet the Judges

The NO BORDERS GROUP DANCE CHALLENGE 2016 is a must-attend event if you are a lover of dance.  This is where you will see the best of the best performance with choreographing that is unique and often awe-inspiring.  This year the NBDC takes place on May 14th from 9am until 5:30 pm with the Finals at 8pm on the Main Stage of Surrey Arts Centre.  The HONOUR AWARDS take place at 7:30pm till 8pm on the same stage.



Raised and educated in the Newton area, I have spent the past 50 years watching Surrey’s landscape develop from a vast municipality to the dynamic city that it is today. Married in 1982, my wife and I have brought up our two children in the same area – the brush and trees that I played in as a child became the parks and schools that our children used while growing up in Surrey.  I retired from the position of Chief Fire Prevention Officer with the Surrey Fire Services, on July 31, 2014. My 32 years of service as a first responder, firefighter and public safety figure have provided me with first-hand knowledge and a unique perspective of the growth of the city and those who reside here.


Keiran Bohay is very excited to be judging the No Borders Group Dance Challenge. Raised in Alberta, Keiran fell in love with dance and performing, and decided to take his training to the next level by moving to the West Coast to train under The Source Dance Company. Since then, and throughout his training, Keiran has taught and choreographed across Western Canada as well as venturing to Toronto for work as well. You will likely find him at Harbour Dance Centre teaching, or working with local Vancouver training programs such as ITP, The Source, or Aviary. Keiran is looking forward to seeing these dancers express their love for performance and leaving it all out on the stage


Originally from Vancouver, Bynh Ho trained with Modus Operandi, under the direction David Raymond and Tiffany Tregarthen. He was accepted to The Juilliard School, graduating with a BFA in 2014. During his time at Juilliard, Bynh performed works by some of the world’s preeminent contemporary choreographers, including William Forsythe, Ohad Naharin, and Crystal Pite. He was a featured soloist in a work by the late Pina Bausch, as a 40th anniversary celebration of her company, in Germany. Following graduation, Bynh joined BODYTRAFFIC, a contemporary repertory company, based in LA. Bynh has been featured in publications such as Dance Magazine, The New York Times, and The New Yorker.


A native of Port Alberni BC, Juli grew up dancing at Dance Studio West under the direction Tania Brossoit. Upon graduation she was accepted into the School of Toronto Dance Theatre where she trained with some of the world’s foremost teachers and choreographers.  Juli has worked professionally in Toronto and Vancouver as a dancer and independent choreographer. She has had the privilege of working with Julia Sasso, Christopher House, Wen Wei Wang and Joe Laughlin to name a few, as well as premiering her own works at Toronto’s Series 808 and Vancouver’s 12 Minutes Max. After receiving her teaching qualifications Juli found her joy in working with young dancers.  Her choreography and unique teaching style has been acclaimed across Canada and the United States. This past year Juli has had the privilege to work alongside the renowned Mia Michaels, for the Canadian Government launching programs that promote contemporary and aboriginal fine arts across the country.  She is currently on the guest faculty at PNBS and Cornish College in Seattle as well as the owner of Stage West in Port Alberni.


Ellie King is an award winning theatre professional who was born and raised in England where she studied dance and drama, gaining qualifications from RAD, ISTD, IDMA, BBO, LAMDA, the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and the Poetry Society. She is a writer, actor, director, dramaturge, producer, choreographer, set-designer, scenic artist, graphic artist and teacher.  She is currently the Managing Artistic Director of the Royal Canadian Theatre Company; the only Surrey based company presenting a series of three plays annually at Surrey Arts Centre.


Harj began dancing in the 80s with street dancers and break dancers, choreographing freestyle routines influenced by the old school hip hop styles of popping, waving and locking.  While making a name for himself in the underground dance circuit, he began to explore dance classes in other styles.  Always staying true to his roots, Harj has made a career fusing the original, classic styles of hip hop, with newer, more commercial styles.  Over 20 years has passed, and he can still hold his own amongst any dancer.  Harj enjoys teaching where he has created his own unique style of hip hop, mixing choreography with break dancing and acrobatics, as well as the Brazilian martial art form Capoeira.  He has performed & toured throughout the USA, United Kingdom, Germany and Europe  with such artists  as Atomic Kitten, Kiara Hunter, 98 degrees, S.W.V. Sisters with Voices, Coolio, Freedom Williams of C + C Music Factory and Stevie B..  Harj has also done several music videos and commercials with such artists as Britney Spears, N’Sync, Pras (of the Fugees), Mya, Wyclef Jean, All Saints, and Grandmaster Flash.

Ursula Maxwell-Lewis is a Surrey- based journalist and photographer. Born in Scotland, and educated in Britain, Europe, Canada and South Africa, she has worked in the newspaper and international aviation industries in Britain, South Africa and Canada.  As founder of the Cloverdale Reporter News, she owned, operated, and built it until it was bought by Black Press News Group Inc. in March, 2008. She retired as a Black Press managing editor in September 2010, but remains with them as a freelance columnist and photographer.   Locally, she has served as director on the Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition Board (publicity), the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, museum and library boards and associated national Nonprofit organizations. She is Director Emerituas of the Surrey International Writer’s Conference. Her passions are the arts, travel and photography – and her three children and grandchildren. She is a failed ballerina, but remains an ardent fan. Ballroom dancing became her forte. She yearns to be able to draw and paint, but settles for photography and Photoshop.

2015 Highlights of the Participants & Winners

No other dance event in Metro Vancouver captures the youth, vitality and pure energy of dance like the No Borders Group Dance Challenge – and 2015 was no different.  CLICK THE LINKS to view the winners (or representatives) who were rewarded for their efforts with scholarships, bursaries and trophies.  Following are two videos of photos showing the 70+ group participants.

No Borders Group Dance Challenge: Individuals and/or representatives winners

No Borders Group Dance Challenge: Group Participants #1

No Borders Group Dance Challenge: Group Participants #2


Junior Category
Ballet                       Butterfly Effect                      Project Dance
Jazz                         CNC                                        Praise T.E.A.M.
Stage                       Thunderstruck                         Coast Edge Dance Centre

Intermediate Category
Ballet                       Unveiled                                  Ballet Bloch
Jazz                          Mirror                                      The danceLAB
Stage                        Unstoppable                            Encore Dance Academy

Senior Category
Ballet                       Not Too Late                          Danzmode Productions
Jazz                         Once Bitten                             Shift Dance Academy Ltd
Stage                        Real In Rio                             Peggy Peat School of Dance

International Category
1st                           Dancing In The Prairie            Cindy Yang Dance

Grand Champion Winners
lst Place                   Unveiled                                 Ballet Bloch
2nd Place                Mirror                                      The danceLAB
3rd Place                 CNC                                        Praise T.E.A.M.

2014 Highlights & Winners


First Place 
Group:RAW | Studio:  Fresh Groove Productions

Second Place 
Group:  CNC | Studio:
  Praise Team

Third Place 
Group:  OUTSIDE THE BOX | Studio:  Richmond Academy of Dance

The following groups each won $500.00

  • Junior Ballet: Grand Castilian Waltz – Flora Pigeau Dance
  • Junior Jazz: CNC – Praise Team
  • Jr.Tap & Stage: Naughty But Nice – Richmond Academy of Dance
  • International: Elite Juniors- Bollywood Hungama
  • Inter. Ballet: Danse Classique – Flora Pigeau Dance Academy
  • Inter. Jazz: Raw – Fresh Groove Productions
  • Inter Tap & Stage: Our Story – Project Dance
  • Senior Ballet: Lint, Boo – Richmond Academy of Dance
  • Senior Jazz: Skin Deep – Shift Dance Academy Ltd
  • Sr. Tap & Stage: Outside The Box – Richmond Academy of Dance
2013 Winners

No Borders Group Dance Challenge 2013
Grand champion: Oddities | Project Dance | PHOTO: Bryon Funk

Junior Category

Ballet | Gravedigger | Studio One Dance Centre

Jazz | Cookies N Cream | Praise Team

Stage | Sparkle Jolly Jingle | Peggy Peat School of Dance

Intermediate Category

Ballet | Sticks & Stones | Artistic Edge Dance Academy

Jazz | People Help The People | Artistic Edge Dance Academy

Stage | Oddities | Project Dance

Senior Category

Ballet | Looking Glass | Danzmode Productions

Jazz | Eyes | Vanleena Dance Academy

Stage | Welcome To Mid Life | Surrey Dance Centre

International Category

1st | Spring Showers | Vancouver Academy of Dance

Grand Champion Winners  

1st Place | Oddities | Project Dance

2nd Place | Looking Glass | Danzmode Productions

3rd Place | Cookies N Cream | Praise Team

2012 Winning Group

No Border Group Dance Challenge 2012
Group Champion: Foot Clan, Vibrant Studios | PHOTO: Bryon Funk