“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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D&W 18 CONTEST: Participant Review Heaps on the Praise & Comes Out A Winner!

SFD NOTE: Each year the SFD hosts a Writing Contest based on ‘What Benefits Did You Get From Participating In The Dance & Wellness Two Day Extensive?’ 2018 Dance & Wellness was clearly a marked success in our D&W series as it was a complete sell out (happens every year). This years winners is talented dancer AVA BURGHAM. Please find her winning article following. Thanks Ava- and yes – see you next year!
Ava Burgham: D&W 2018 Contest Winner

Last Sunday, I attended Surrey Festival’s Dance and Wellness 2018 Workshop and had so much fun and learned so much in all the different classes I took!

The first class I had, was “Physio”, and I really enjoyed it! We rolled out our sore muscles, and the instructor taught us about injury prevention. This class was amazing, and I am really looking forward to hopefully taking it again next year.

The next class we had, was “Improvisation”. In improv we discovered new ways to feel and move to music and learned that a dancer who can“improv” wellwill have a better chance of succeeding. This class was so much fun, and just letting loose and feeling the music was awesome.

Another class we took, was “Tap”. The instructor was very nice and taught us that tap will get easier, as the steps are always a progression. I loved his combination, and the steps we learned. We also took a “Contemporary” class. The instructor was awesome, and she really taught us how important it is to just dance and feel the music.

The final class we took, was “Vocal and Musical Theatre”. This class was amazing, because we learned a whole number with props and costumes and performed it in the showcase, and I loved the challenge of learning a two-minute number in an hour!

Thank you so much to everyone at Surrey Festival for hosting this great weekend of dance, I enjoyed every single one of the classes and can’t wait to come back next year!