“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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PABC 2018: Review & Winners   arrow


On May 29th until June 2nd 2018 over 640 artists gathered in beautiful downtown Victoria at the CCPA Performance Hall on Vancouver Island for the Performing Arts BC Provincials; a festival highlighting Dance, Music and Vocal Arts from across BC.  Of the 640, there were 156 specifically dedicated to dance.

This year, 33 Provincial festivals participated with 15 of those being multi-discipline and four strictly dance oriented.  65 merited performers (those who participate but are not official representatives and are not judged) chose to come and take part in this extraordinary gathering of artists.  Joining the 11 dancers from the SFD 2018, were Carol Girardi (SFD Treasurer and Director) and Karen Law (SFD Ballet Section Head).

Of the 11 SFD dancers participating three won First place, Four were Runners-up and Two received Honourable Mentions.  These were outstanding results from our talented Surrey dancers.  Two merited dancers also chose to join the SFD contingent in Victoria.   Congratulations to: First Place winners Sabina Nelson (Ballet I), Kaitlin Cheung (Modern II) and Gregory Jungco (Modern III); Runner-ups Harrison Last (Stage I), Vanessa Hodges (Modern I), Caitlyn Woo (Ballet II) and Lexi Barr (Stage II); with Honourable Mentions going to Katherine Mezei (Stage I) and Erin Lum (Stage II).

The Dance finals and Highlight concert were held at the Farquhar Auditorium at UVIC.

“This was an amazing experience for our emerging and amateur dancers to participate in”, states Girardi, SFD Treasurer. “The dancers had a great time, developed lasting friendships, learned skill designed to hone their talent and became a more rounded individual.”  Girardi also emphasized that the SFD Society awarded the Surrey dancers with an additional $200 and a Gift Basket of local items.  “The cash amount changes yearly based on our fundraising success for our scholarship and bursary campaign”, concludes Carol.

Gregory Jungco [Modern II] & Kaitlin Cheung [Modern III]