“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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SFD 2017: Shared Memories From The Festival

It’s been another year of “out of this world” fantastic dancing.  You would think after 23 years I would be getting tired of it, but not a chance.  Just think you get to meet dancers from all over BC who just want to perform their beautiful works for all to see.  It amazes me everyday just how hard these dancers work and the old and new friends they get to meet.  Just thought I would love to show you a couple of dancers from this year, our youngest and our eldest performers of 2017.  Just proves you’re never too young or too old to do what you love.   by Patty Halliday



Katarina just turned five years old.  She attends elementary school in West Vancouver.  She started dancing with WestCoast Ballet in the August Summer Intensive when she was just four.  The SFD pre-school solo set, was the first time she performed in front of an audience.  Her experience at SFD was fun, and she feels more confident.





She will be 92 in June 2017.  Eve started dancing in England at the age of five with Ballet and Acrodance among other styles.  She was a professional Ballroom dancer in England from 1952-1956.  She had to put her love of dance on the back burner when she moved to Africa and then  to Trinidad.  When she returned to England she became interest in the world of theatre.

When she eventually made it to British Columbia and the Sunrise Senior Centre, line dancing was all the rage and took it up with Rusty.  It was not long after, that musical theatre and stage dance became available at the  centre and the Golden Girls were born.

Still dancing…..She is a wonder