“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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SFD 2017: Dancers Thank SFD 2016 Event

As the Surrey Festival of Dance gears up for yet another dance-intense month starting March 29th, we thought we would catch our breathe – relax – and read what some of our 2016 dancers had to say about our month long event.  To all of those dances who wrote us with their thoughts and opinions – we say THANK YOU!

…..here is what a few of you had to say


Thank you for creating such a positive atmosphere for myself, and all the other dancers.  Your faculty and masterclasses are incomparable and I thank you for this!

Thank you for making such an amazing festival where my peers and I can come together and share our love of dance!

Thank you so much for bringing in such an amazing adjudicator and teacher.  This masterclass was definitely a highlight for me, and I am honoured to have been chosen for this bursary.

We would not be where we are without you!!!

M-P.H. | 16 years


Thank you Surrey Festival of Dance for this scholarship!  I am so sad that it was my last year at Surrey Festival.  I have so many memories from Surrey Festival and I have made so many talented friends!  I am truly grateful for everything given and learned from Surrey Festival over the Years!

C.C. | 17 years


I am so very thankful for what your festival has taught me over the years.  From sharing the stage with experienced and skilled instructors, to dancing alongside students from local communities merging together to celebrate their love and commitment to dance.  I will cherish the memories I have made at Surrey Festival of Dance forever, thank you again for a fabulous 10 years of amazing experiences.  Happy 50th!!

T.P. |  17 years


Thank you so much for your support this year and the year before this.  Dance has always been an outlet for me, and being able to participate in your festival every year is truly a treat!  I truly love this festival; you give us so many opportunities to work with experienced adjudicators, while surrounded by students that share the same passion as I.  Thank you again for all you have done!

P.T.  | 16 years