“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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How does a group qualify to participate in the No Borders Group Dance Challenge?

To qualify, a Group must have won a First Place position in a dance festival or have received a scholarship from the Surrey Festival of Dance for the No Borders Group Dance Challenge.

Groups entering from other festivals, and not from the Surrey Festival of Dance, will need to verify their win from their Perspective festivals.

What is the Entry Cost?  

$150.00 per group per entry

Is there a cost to view the performances?

To view performance, No Borders Group Dance Challenge divides the day into three sections.

Morning -$5.00 everyone; Afternoon $5.00 everyone; Evening $2.00 everyone EXCEPT if you have ticket from either morning or afternoon session then you are admitted free.

Can performers watch from theatre seat before or after they have competed with their group?

No.  Every seat holder must have the appropriate valid session ticket.

Can a studio enter more than one group in the same class division and discipline?

Yes.  A studio can have multiple entries in the same class division and discipline provided they meet the criteria previous mentioned and space allowed.

How are groups scheduled to perform?

Upon verification of group entry submitted, age division, dance discipline and a time is assigned to it.  It is then sent to studio with confirmation.

What are the age divisions?

Age divisions are based on the average age of entire group – Junior, Intermediate and Senior. DIVISIONS: Junior 10 – 12 Years; Intermediate   13 – 15 Years; Senior 16 – 20 Years

What is the time limit for groups?

All groups are timed at five (5) minutes with the exception of International Dance, which is set at eight (8) minutes.

How is scores determined?

Scores are adjudicated numerically in five different areas and are tabulated individually by each adjudicator.  Scores are entered into computer and then averaged.  Highest average score wins.   All tabulations and scores become the property of No Borders Group Dance Challenge.

What happens in case of a tie?

Although extremely rare, there is a tiebreaker entry on each adjudication form to determine the overall winner.

How many winners are there in each division?

There is only One group winner for each division and dance discipline.

How many division winners are there?

In total there are 10.

How is the overall Grand Champion Selected?

After dance disciplines and division’s winners have been awarded, all dancers are invited back to perform once again for the overall title.

There is First ($1000), Second ($500) and Third ($250) place group winner, each receiving a cheque and placement ribbons.

Grand Champion also receives the Grand Champion No Borders Group Dance Challenge Trophy.


The studio/teacher acknowledge and agree that they have parent/guardian authorization for this application and its contents. In registering and signing this form, applicant(s) acknowledge and agree that they are giving their consent that photographs taken of participants/students/dancers may be used by the Society for promotional, and fund raising purposes, may be released to the media and remain the property of the Society.

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