“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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2018 NBGDC: Meet The Champs!   arrow

The Results Are In….






1st: Style and Grace Varsity       2nd: Pair Bonds      3rd: Something Rotten

1st: 2018 Grand Champions _Style and Grace Varsity_Praise TEAM
2nd: 2018 Pair Bonds_Caulfield School of Dance
3rd: 2018 Something Rotten _Peggy Peat School of Dance


CATEGORY                             GROUP WINNER                     STUDIO

JUNIOR BALLET                    Stucky Sound                        Poirier Productions
JUNIOR JAZZ                       Cookies N Cream                   Praise T.E.A.M.
JUNIOR STAGE                     We Speak No Americana        Caulfield School of Dance
INTERNATIONAL                   Danse Chinoise                    Vancouver Academy Of Dance
INTERMEDIATE BALLET         Pair Bonds                            Caulfield School Of Dance
INTERMEDIATE JAZZ             Frail Love                             Project Dance
INTERMEDIATE STAGE           Something Rotten                 Peggy Peat School Of Dance
SENIOR BALLET                   Tuesday’s Letter                    Poirier Productions
SENIOR JAZZ                      Style & Grace Varsity             Praise T.E.A.M.
SENIOR STAGE                     Upswingin’                            Vancouver Tap Dance Society