“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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2016 NO BORDERS: A Noted Success   arrow

Some times pictures speak louder than words.  This slide show captures only a third of the dance groups that took to the stage for the 2016 SFD NO BORDERS GROUP DANCE CHALLENGE.  We apologize that we could not highlight all 90 plus groups.

Here is a list of all the performing groups.  We thank and congratulate all who took part in this energy charged dance competition.


  1. Symphonie Fantastique Pro Arte Performing Arts
  2. The Nightmare Studio West Dance
  3. Danza Espanola Debbie Lee Dance Company
  4. Ballet Hispanico Ballet Bloch Canada
  5. Fade To Grey Danzmode Productions
  6. Kitten Pig Flora Pigeau Dance Academy
  7. Mozart Flute Concerto R.N.B. Dance and Theatre Arts
  8. Fragmentation The danceLAB
  9. La Nuit Blanche Debbie Lee Dance Company
  10. Entrapment Pro Arte Performing Arts


  1. Imma Be The danceLAB
  2. Yellow Light Pro Arte Performing Arts
  3. Paso Studio West Dance
  4. More Like Love Encore Dance Academy
  5. Love Is Love Affinity Dance
  6. V.C. Vitality Dance Company
  7. CNC Praise T.E.A.M.
  8. Miss You The DanceLAB 
  9. Clap Snap Encore Dance Academy
  10. Fly Away Studio West Dance   

JUNIOR STAGE                                                                     

  1. Matador Peggy Peat School Of Dance  
  2. Voodoo Project Dance
  3. Hooks Revenge Studio West Dance
  4. Protectors Of The Earth Artistic Edge Dance Academy
  5. Bandstand Boogie Peggy Peat School of Dance
  6. Two By Two The DanceForce Studios
  7. Willamania Project Dance
  8. The Country Song Dance Effect
  9. Finding Neverland Peggy Peat School of Dance


  1. Little Zhuoma Colours Of Dance Academy
  2. Soul Of The Forest Cindy Yang Dance
  3. Garba Dandiya Bollywood Hungama
  4. On The Qin River Colours of Dance Academy
  5. Dancing In The Rain Motion Artistry
  6. Chinese Surnames Colours Of Dance Academy

  INTERMEDIATE BALLET                                                                   

  1. I’ve Got Rhythm Pro Arte Performing Arts
  2. La Schottische Ballet Bloch
  3. The Chase Caulfield School of Dance
  4. Stroll Through An Asian Garden Pro Arte Performing Arts
  5. Trailed Encore Dance Academy
  6. Vivaldi Concerto Flora Pigeau Dance Academy
  7. Cell Pro Arte Performing Arts
  8. Rite Pulse Dance Centre
  9. Wild Rose Ballet Bloch Canada
  10. Tarana Pro Arte Performing Arts
  11. Cassia Spotlight Dance Centre
  12. Twice Affinity Dance
  13. Mission Pro Arte Performing Arts


  1. No Wow Danzmode Productions
  2. Like A River Runs Encore Dance Academy
  3. Raised By Wolves Studio One Dance Center
  4. I Will Always Love You Pulse Dance Centre
  5. All Coming Back To Me Dance Effect
  6. Loose Wires Affinity Dance
  7. Resolve Dance Co.                         
  8. Friction Danzmode Productions
  9. Shake Somethin’ Studio One Dance Center
  10. Cyborg The DanceForce Studios
  11. Get Ur Ballet One Encore Dance Academy
  12. Home Run Pulse Dance Centre
  13. New Drop Style Dance Effect

 INTERMEDIATE STAGE                                                         

  1. Doll House The DanceForce Studios
  2. Dirty Laundry Spotlight Dance Centre
  3. Doctor Jazz Studio One Dance Center
  4. Bangkok Danzmode Productions
  5. Matilda Affinity Dance  
  6. Giggity Peggy Peat School of Dance
  7. Why? Richmond Academy of Dance
  8. Spellblock Tango The DanceForce Studios
  9. Summertime Vancouver Tap Dance Society
  10. Kings Of New York Vitality Dance Company

SENIOR BALLET                                                             

  1. Concerto de Six Pacific Dancearts
  2. Apollo 17 Danzmode Productions
  3. Pretend Encore Dance Academy
  4. Le Coeur Du Jardin Flora Pigeau Dance Academy
  5. Bella Bella Spotlight Dance Centre
  6. A Game Pacific Dancearts
  7. Reminiscence Danzmode Productions                  


  1. Carry My Heart Encore Dance Academy
  2. Crystalfilm Dance Co.
  3. Let It Go Danzmode Productions
  4. Feet For Hands Encore Dance Academy

SENIOR STAGE                                                               

  1. Strings Richmond Academy of Dance
  2. A Chorus Cat Danzmode Productions
  3. All That Jazz Caulfield School of Dance
  4. Belly Up To The Bar Peggy Peat School of Dance