“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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PABC 2016: A Review & The Winners   arrow

Performing Arts BC Provincials was held in Fort St. John, on May 31st to June 4th. There were 3 sections of performance art competitions: music, speech, and dance.

fort-st-johnThis was an auspicious year as Surrey Festival of Dance celebrating its 50th anniversary and in this province wide event the dancers represented themselves and Surrey phenomenally. Competing against other festivals from BC, a total of 133 youth dancers, the 10 dancers from Surrey Festival of Dance brought home 7 awards, three 1st places and four Honourable Mentions. Dance was separated into three categories: ballet, modern, and stage, all of which Surrey Festival of Dance competed in, and seven out of our ten dancers were recognized. While winning awards in ballet, the dancers dominated the Stage category, winning both first place and honourable mentions. I am very proud of these young dancers, for performing so well and representing the city of Surrey so admirably.

Ballet 1      Giorgia Monro
Ballet 11      Brooke Thomas
Modern 11     Ashley Klockow-Rabinovitch
Modern 111      Alexandra Stuart
Stage 1         Dante Arias & Eden Wedel
Stage 11     Natalie Smith & Taylor Ginter
Stage 111      Olyvia Olson-Brooks & Spencer Taylor

First Place
Stage 1      Dante Arias
Stage 11      Natalie Smith
Stage 111      Olyvia Olson-Brooks

Honourable Mention
Ballet 1      Giorgia Monro
Ballet 11      Brooke Thomas
Stage 11      Taylor Ginter
Stage 111      Spencer Taylor

provincial-reps-sfdPROVINCIAL’S WINNERS: Giorgia Monro, Brooke Thomas, Ashley Klockow-Rabinovitch, Alexandra Stuart, Dante Arias, Eden Wedel,  Natalie Smith, Olyvia Olson-Brooks, Spencer Taylor, Colby MacKenzie




sfd-winnersSFD WINNERS: Stage 1  Dante Arias, Natalie Smith and Olyvia Olson-Brooks