“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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The ‘PROVINCIALS’: Performing Arts of BC Competition   arrow

“The Provincials” (more commonly known) is held at the end of May or first part of June throughout British Columbia hosted by one of 34 regional performing arts festivals each year. (www.bcprovincials.com)

The Surrey Festival of Dance Society has been able to send dancers from the Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels, which have been selected by our distinguished body of Professional Adjudicators to represent our Dance Festival. These honoured few have met the prerequisite criteria to successfully be chosen as our Representatives as set out in the Surrey Festival of Dance Syllabus.

SFD ‘Provincials’ Winners 2018

As outlined in the Surrey Festival of Dance Syllabus, in order to qualify a dancer must do the following:

Classical Ballet: Dancer must perform a Solo Set Variation or Solo Set Ballet, two other solos from their category. (Open ballet, open Demi-Character, Pointe, open Demi-Pointe, Interpretive, or Solo Contemporary Ballet, Variation En-Pointe and Male Classical Variations) and attend Audition Class.

Contemporary-Modern: Dancer must perform one Solo Contemporary, one Solo Modern and attend Workshop Class.

Jazz: Dancer must perform solo Jazz, two other solos (lyrical, hip hop, street dance, stage, song & dance or tap), and attend Audition Class.

Stage: Dancer must perform Tap Solo, two other solos (stage, song and dance, Jazz, or lyrical), and attend Audition Class.


Our 2014 Representatives:
Senior Ballet: Sara Carver
Intermediate Ballet: Julia Ueda
Junior Ballet: Victoria Wardell
Senior Modern: Maddy Hillis
Intermediate Modern: Jennifer Chu
Senior Jazz: Brenna Forsyth
Intermediate Jazz: Rachael Withers
Junior Jazz: Brooklyn Price
Senior Stage: Emily Fox
Intermediate Stage: Natalie Smith
Junior Stage: Lily Maarhuis

Our 2014 Runner Ups:
Intermediate Ballet: Chihiro Abe
Junior Ballet: Bria Bauman
Senior Modern: Sarah Formosa
Intermediate Modern: Sydney Abram
Senior Jazz: Jewel Miller
Intermediate Jazz: Melanie Ebbett
Junior Jazz: Dante Arias
Senior Stage: Nicole Clark
Intermediate Stage: Tiana Pazdirek
Junior Stage: Colby MacKenzie