“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance.
Great dancers are great because of their passion.”
Martha Graham

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Monthly Archives: March 2015

DANCING ANIMALS…Is This The Land of Oz!

Only in the movie the Wizard of Oz’ did I think animals were capable of talking and dancing in large hollywood routines but apparently I have been wrong all these years. I didn’t know animals could dance!  Seriously, never had I ever thought about an animal dancing unless of course it was the circus dogs […]

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PUBLIC ALL WELCOME To Attend Surrey Festival of Dance

PUBLIC WELCOME.  Did you know that you ‘the public’ is welcome to attend each and every performance during the month long Surrey Festival of Dance.  For a minimal fee you can watch dance studios present programs in every discipline of dance. So, if you are thinking of becoming a dancer or simply taking a dance […]

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The 2015 Surrey Festival of Dance Is Here In Exactly One Week

[March 19th, 2015]  Organizers of the 49th annual Surrey Festival of Dance (SFD) are in the final week of preparations for one of the largest dance competitions held in North America.  The SFD rivals any dance event held in both Canada and the USA.  Not only does the SFD financially support the education of many […]

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