While I dance I can not judge, I can not hate, I can not separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance. | Hans Bos

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The following ‘MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING’ have paid dues of $5.00 per year and have obtained voting privileges, and been approved by the Board:

Dinah Abram
Beth Barlow
Patricia Dahlquist
James Crosty
Sheila Elmore
Bryon Funk
Cindy Funk
Carol Girardi
Mike Gisby
Dr. Linda Gordon
Barbara Gould
Jane Grafton
Faye Grant
Eileen Gratland
Maxine Howchin
Pearl Hovasse
Eric Igglesden
Josie Igglesden
Lesley Jones
Ellie King
Geoff King
Joan Konno
Audrey Kraushar
Karen Law
Leanne LaBallister
Alison Miller
Suzanne Ouellette
Yvonne Pepper
Tom Sadler
Sheila Smith
Susan Snow
Vandna Sidher


Doreene Rowe

Associate Members (AM) pay $15.00 per year and are non-voting. An AM must hold this membership for the minimum of ONE YEAR  before applying to become member

Suzi Bate
Jane Brown
Mary Drab
Arnold Fernandes
Michelle Gardner
Sarah White
Rhonda Gould
Marie-Claude Heath
Heather Kaplan
Gail Kerr
Joanne Matheson
Isabelle Ormandy
Jarnail Singh
Linda Tsai
Carol Wheatley
Laura Withers